Saturday, June 25, 2011

Green Lantern (Non-spoiler Review)

The lantern shone but burnt out too quickly.

In my opinion, they used this movie to lay the foundation for the start of a series rather than to entertain the thrill-seeking audience. It started off great and even did a good enough build-up but the sprinkles just weren’t there to top off this cake.

So for the folks who haven’t read the comics (myself included) the Green Lantern troops are from other planets and are protectors of the universe. The story begins with an injured Green Lantern fighter crashing his spaceship on Earth and sending the ring to choose a worthy replacement for him. Hal (Ryan Reynolds) who is a ‘Top Gun like’ (extremely talented but immune to following rules) test pilot is selected, receives the ring, the lantern and with them, superpowers beyond his imagination; or maybe not beyond. Superpowers that include seriously wind-proof hair since flying at ridiculous speeds does not affect Reynolds's every-strand-in-place 'do in the least. 

There are many stars in the cast with the aim of getting the lantern to shine a little brighter. Reynolds does justice to the green, skin tight, abs-revealing, each muscle showing suit and his charismatic wit doesn’t hurt the character either. Peter Sarsgaard also did a freakishly good job with Hector the awkward scientist/teacher/son of a senator (played by Tim Robbins). Mark Strong portrays Sinestro, one of the Green Lantern members, who doesn’t believe Hal has the will or courage to be a Green Lantern. Geoffrey Rush lends his voice to the character Tomar-Re who welcomes Hal to the planet and teaches him to use his powers. Hal then had to test his powers in a ‘spar’ against trainer Kilowog, fittingly voiced by Michael Clark Duncan, which looked more like David and Goliath, sans the slingshot.

Finally, Blake Lively was miscast as Carol, Hal’s love interest; a determined, rules oriented, fellow test pilot and somewhat of a boss (since she’s also the boss’s daughter). As perfect as her body was for the role she failed to make her performance believable. Her attempt was genuine but unfortunately that’s all it was; an attempt.

The movie provides intermittent bursts of humour and excitement but failed to satisfy the craving for an epic-out-of-this-world final battle that anyone over the age of 10 would expect and want.

Rating: 7.5/10
Rating (if Ryan Reynolds was not in the movie): 7/10

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